EPA goal to reduce C02 pollution step in right direction

To the Editor:

As a mother, grandmother and citizen, I am grateful for the new initiative by the EPA to reduce CO2 pollution from power plants.

Since coal-fired power plants are the largest single source of carbon pollution, and climate change from CO2 emissions is threatening the health of our families and communities in ways we’d never imagined, I wish it could have been stronger and implemented sooner. But it’s a step in the right direction. Our children and grandchildren’s future depends on how we respond to what is already taking place with climate change, let alone where it might lead. We need to act ASAP to cut carbon emissions in every sector of our communities. Even the cost of dealing with the consequences of escalating droughts, storms, fires, floods, infrastructure destruction and rising seas drains money from states and the federal government that would be better spent on our schools, transportation systems and infrastructure, and investments in building the new renewable energy grid and clean power systems.

I applaud this action on the part of our administration and the EPA. And I hope they will move forward with more strident steps to reduce carbon emissions from our atmosphere. We can’t stand back and wait until climate change hits us harder in each and every town and village, before we wake up and do whatever we can to respond proactively to this crisis at our doorstep.