Thank you for a successful Milford fishing derby

To the Editor:

On May 31, the Milford Police Department held the annual fishing derby at Railroad Pond in memory of Michael McBriarty.

The goal was to make sure that the children and parents had a great day of fishing! On a cloudy Saturday morning, 149 children registered and they and their parents had a great time, as was evident by all the smiling faces.

I would like to thank the people who made this event possible for the children by providing generous donations, as well as their time and support. They include several police officers and two administrative assistants from the front office of the Milford Police Department, Gerry Dusseault, Sons of the American Legion, Ciardelli Fuel, Rocca Auto, the Milford American Legion, the Milford VFW, Jason Walker of Walker’s Auto, Dunkin Donuts, Silva Properties, New Hampshire Fish and Game, Mr. Richard Prunier, owner of Sumner Fish Farm, the Milford Cabinet, the employees of the Milford Public Works Department, members of the Fishing Derby Committee and their family members who helped make this derby a success. A special thanks goes to the Amherst Wal-Mart for the donation of a flat screen TV for the raffle and for the fishing poles that were awarded for the top prizes. Thanks also to Officer Johnson, Lisa Johnson and Officer Sprankle who helped sell raffle tickets. All proceeds from the raffle will go toward future fishing derbies for all to enjoy.

I would also like to thank the abutting landowners who graciously gave permission for us to use their properties for the children to have access to the pond, including Mr. Paul Silva, Mr. Grayson Parker, the First Congregational Church of Milford, the TD Bank and the town of Milford.

A big thanks goes to committee members Jack McBriarty, retired Milford police Officers Hunter Philbrick and George Durham, Mont Vernon Police Chief Kevin Furlong, Milford Police Chief Viola and his children, Captain Toom, Captain Nervik, Sergeant Fowle, Officer Stone, Officer Wales and Wendy Frye for their time and efforts in preparing for this event. Their help is very much appreciated. A thank you also goes to Sarah Whittemore, Chris, Valerie, Danika Works, Karl and Sheila Haven and Brandon Frye, who assisted in keeping the records of the fish caught and compiling the totals for the awarding of prizes.

Also a warm and special thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Jim McBriarty and all the McBriarty family members who did so much to support this wonderful event in memory of their son, Michael McBriarty.

Finally, the fishing derby could not have been a success without the children and parents who participated, a big thanks to all of you! A total of 235 fish were caught out of approximately 600, during the derby. The largest fish caught came in at 15.5 inches, the smallest fish caught was 7 inches and the most fish caught by one child was a total of 13.

The McBriarty family and the Milford Police Department extend our thanks to all who participated and look forward to seeing you all again next year!


Milford Police