Tired of GOP’s bait and switch tactics

To the Editor:

An interesting op-ed piece in the (June 13) New York Times by Paul Krugman attempts to explain the primary loss by Eric Cantor to a tea party candidate.

Krugman’s thesis is that Republicans are finally waking up to the bait and switch tactics that Republicans have been using for years.

Professor Krugman argues that Republicans appeal to their base with a number of social issues like abortion, illegal immigration, etc., but then, once elected, turn their attention to enacting legislation that favors corporate interests and completely ignore the social issues which wouldn’t have a chance of getting enacted anyway.

He believes that in one Virginia congressional district, Republican voters have finally realized that Eric Cantor and the Republican “establishment” don’t really represent their values and have chosen a tea party candidate who will.

We may have a test of this notion locally. Gary Daniels will be facing three primary opponents for the Senate District 11 Republican nomination. Daniels is the New Hampshire co-chairman of ALEC, which is heavily funded by the Koch brothers and other corporate sponsors and which provides “boiler plate” legislation that favors big companies.

Are Republicans in this area tired of the bait and switch, or will they choose Daniels who will likely continue to represent out-of-state corporations rather than the people?