Please don’t remove cat’s head gear

To the Editor:

We live in Wilton Center, as do our two cats. One of our cats, Jimmy, wears a plastic cone and thick cloth “cloak” and harness for his protection. Without it, he rips gaping holes in the skin on his head, neck and shoulder area.

This may not be an ideal solution, but it is the best we and our vet have come up with. He is on medication, but still tears at himself without the protection. Last Sunday some probably well-intentioned person took it upon themselves while at the Unitarian Church Strawberry Festival to remove the protective gear and toss it in the dumpster at Andy’s Summer Playhouse. Thankfully, the people at Andy’s saw Jimmy without his hood and went in search of it, finding the entire assemblage in their dumpster.

He is a mascot of the Playhouse and the people there know the importance of this protection. They know not to remove it and realized that if it was not lying somewhere nearby, it may have been tossed away by whomever thought they were doing the right thing. 

We hope that whoever removed it will read this and realize that we are not intentionally torturing our cat. He, in fact, misses it when it is off – which we do allow so he can groom himself while seated in one of our laps. 

The next time you come to Wilton Center and see Jimmy, you are welcome to stop by if you feel the need for further explanation. We live directly next door to the Playhouse and will be happy to put you in touch with his vet so you will understand why his hood should not be removed.