School choice is good for Granite State families

To the Editor:

Last week, the NH Supreme Court upheld our state’s School Choice Law. This law encourages businesses to provide scholarship funding to low income families so that they can send their kids to the schools that best fit their learning needs, or to help cover the cost of homeschooling if parents prefer that option.

An organization called the Network for Educational Opportunity ( provides scholarships for NH students based on financial need. Recipients can use the funds cover tuition for private school, for a public school outside of the student’s district, or for homeschooling expenses. Under the recent court decision, this important program will be able to continue.

As a resident of Wilton and a candidate for State Representative in District 38, I believe that parents should have the final say in how their children are educated. By expanding the options available to low income families in New Hampshire, the School Choice Law makes sense. This important case upholding the scholarship program for low income families will help parents make the best choices for their children.

Jim Kofalt

Candidate for State Representative,
District 38