Crooker is Citizen of the Year

To the Editor:

Is it any wonder that Gary Crooker was named “Citizen of the Year” in Wilton? Through the American Legion and its branches, Gary has long inspired the members of the community to support the Open Cupboard Pantry, a food source for those in need residing in the towns of Temple, Wilton, Lyndeborough and Greenfield. Recently, Gary created a wonderful sense of fellowship and community by planning and executing Wilton’s Old Home Week, the theme of which was “Neighbors Helping Neighbors” – members of the community were asked to bring food items for the Pantry to the week-long events consisting of hayrides, concerts, barbecues, musters, games, dances, a senior dinner, parade and more.

Gary’s support for the community is probably best expressed by his father, Wes Crooker. When I saw Wes day after day on the Flat, I finally said, “Wes, I see you everywhere.” He replied, “That’s because I AM everywhere. I’m everywhere with Gary!”

Thanks, Gary!

Linda and Roger

Open Cupboard Pantry