Recalling the events of 9/11

To the Editor:

Thinking back on that day it is just as horrifying as the minutes in which it was unfolding. Within those minutes we felt so taken advantage of, so weak, but in the hours to come we only got stronger, never realizing the effect it would have on our children.

All alone, never realizing the dominating force that those horrible actions would bring about.

We have in return raised a strong and beautiful generation that is so full of strength and determination to fight evil and wrong doing.

9/11 left a deep and wide gash in our children’s hearts. Looking forward seeing the generation that it brought about, should give great comfort. They tried to cut you down, all the while only making you stronger.

During WWII, they were called the “Greatest Generation.” Through no fault of your own you will follow as the “Strongest Generation.”

Thanks to all the amazing young people, that have joined the military and have dedicated their lives to the good of humanity. We are truly blessed through you.

Cindy L. McCreery