Chandley works hard for Granite Staters

To the Editor:

I became an American citizen in 2011. I do not have a family tradition in American politics, so I am an independent voter and I vote according to who I think will work hardest for me and my community. We are very fortunate in New Hampshire that we can get involved in how our State is run and get to know our representatives. I really appreciate the work all of our representatives do regardless of their party or ideals, it is not an easy job.

Today, I am writing in support of our local Representative Shannon Chandley. I got to know Shannon through her work with the Girl Scouts, Share, The Boys and Girls Club and as an active parent in Amherst schools. Last year I contacted Shannon about an issue that was near and dear to me – Medicaid Expansion. Shannon was a great help to me when I testified in favor of Medicaid Expansion, which was passed with bi-partisan support. She was accessible, called me and even met me at the State House and offered help me in any way she could. I know how hard Shannon works to ensure that Amherst has an accessible representative in Concord. She is smart, dedicated, educated and open-minded. For these reasons I ask you to join me in re-electing Shannon Chandley on November 4th.

Paula Garvey