Amherst residents support Radhakrishnan

To the Editor:

We heartily welcome the candidacy of Amherst resident Julie Radhakrishnan for our State Representative in Concord. We know Julie to be a hard working, intelligent and focused woman with a business background. Julie has clearly identified the legislative areas where she will act as an advocate. These include improved public education, support for health services, social justice for all of our citizens, and affordable tuition at UNH.

Julie has a bachelor’s degree in business administration and a master’s in human resources.

She has experience in the Benefits Division of Fidelity Investments and as a departmental manager at Fleet Bank and is a mother of two adult sons. Julie has done volunteer work for many years at Amherst schools and through the NH Citizens Alliance on social justice issues.

Julie realizes the importance of educated workers to a thriving economy. She wants to use her business, education and community experience to help build the economy through the addition of good paying jobs for skilled workers. She also brings innovative ideas that can enhance home-grown, entrepreneurial business development in NH.

Please join us in voting for Julie Radhakrishnan for New Hampshire State Representative.


Jack Conaway, Nancy Iannuzzelli, Graham Smith, Shep Melnick, Penny

Eggleston, Richard Danzinger, Ray Iannuzzelli, Mary Arrowsmith, Patrick Eggleston and Nancy