Chandley has earned Amherst voter’s respect

To the Editor:

How often do you stop to realize what a wonderful place Amherst is to live? And how often do you pause to think how much we take for granted our quality of life in the Granite State? NH has the largest and most vibrant and dedicated legislative processes in the world. A process that represents about every 3,000 people with a voice on what laws we should have. I heartily thank our 3 State Reps for their countless hours of service, all for very little appreciation except for the $100 per year. But no person in the legislature has earned my respect more than State Representative Shannon Chandley for how she has translated out shared New Hampshire values into action. And no person serving today deserves your vote more simply because she has done more to earn it as our Representative.

Shannon Chandley is the only Democrat to represent Amherst at the NH State House in over 70 years. She clearly has earned strong bi-partisan support having been elected twice in a town of only 24% Democrats because she is a true centrist, and bridge builder who knows how to listen to her constituents and do what matters most to them. Things like safe roads, safe families, personal liberties for all of us, sensible healthcare reform and fundamental fairness are the true NH values that continue to make NH the number one state in the nation for overall quality of life. Businesses continue to make NH their top location in New England because of the excellent quality of life that we enjoy. Smart, effective, bi-partisan leadership in Concord is what I get excited about and that is why I ask you to not only vote on November 4th only vote on November 4th for Shannon Chandley, but to tell at least 10 friends to do it too!

Len Gerzon