4 candidates stand out for Nov. 4 election

To the Editor:

On Nov. 4, Wilton residents have the opportunity to vote for four state Representatives, two in our local Wilton district (District 4) and two in the combined district (District 38) – a district made up of 10 towns. Whether or not you live in Wilton, don’t waste your vote! We have four excellent candidates. Two are local, running in District 4, and two are from Hillsborough, running in District 38.

Carol Roberts, formerly a research librarian at Digital and the library director of our Wilton library, brings a wealth of talent to the job of state Representative. This is her first venture in politics, but she is no naive newcomer. She is a tireless worker, and always keeps the needs of Wilton uppermost in her efforts.

Steve Hahn is running for state Representative for the first time. He has been on the Board of Education in Hillsborough for years, keeping the local school tax significantly lower than we pay in Wilton. He feels that we should better support our university system, so that New Hampshire students no longer have to pay the highest in-state tuition in the country. These students often leave the state, and they do not necessarily return. So New Hampshire, an aging state, loses one of its most important resources. Steve Hahn’s other concerns are our endangered natural environment and our aging infrastructure.

Two other candidates, Kermit Williams and Richard McNamara, have been our representatives for the last two years. Mr. Williams, who is a member of the Commerce Committee, is working on bringing needed business to Wilton. He has never missed a vote in the Statehouse. Mr. McNamara has been an energetic leader in Concord, who has voted to support education and infrastructure while conserving state tax dollars.

National races are more glamorous, but it is the outcome of the local and state races which really affects our lives on a day-to-day basis. So be sure to vote on Nov. 4, and encourage your friends and family members to do the same.

Serafin Anderson