Chandley has impressive record of service

To the Editor:

It’s October 2014, campaign season for sure. It is what pundits call an “off-year election” meaning that there is not a presidential race. But presidential race or not, we must make good decisions from the top of the ballot to the bottom.

For me, one choice is easy. I am voting for Shannon Chandley for state representative. Shannon’s record of public service is impressive. She has time and again demonstrated her commitment to the people of Amherst. As our state representative she has been responsive to constituents, advocating for legislation in the best interest of our state and our town. She has, for example, supported freezing tuition rates at our state university system, sponsored Joshua’s Law to establish the Domestic Violence statute and worked hard to secure bridge replacement funding. Her efforts on our behalf have been far-reaching and successful.

Shannon Chandley’s commitment to bettering our community and the lives of our people extends beyond the legislative arena. She is among the first to respond to any call for assistance. Whether she is providing “sunshine” to a family in town or advocating for research to find a cure for neurofibromatosis; Shannon’s focus is on making life better for us all. She is a donor, a worker and a proponent for many of the groups that make our New Hampshire quality of life superb. Her dedication to SHARE, the Souhegan Valley Boys and Girls Club, Girl Scouts, the arts, education and countless other organizations, is emblematic of her commitment to us all.

Please join me in voting to re-elect Shannon Chandley to the NH House of Representatives.

Mary Mahar