Let’s keep Hassan in governor’s office

To the Editor:

I’m supporting Gov. Maggie Hassan in the upcoming election, and as a taxpayer, parent, and long-time New Hampshire resident, it’s an easy choice.

I’m happy to say that Maggie has a proven record of fiscal responsibility that has helped her earn her place in New Hampshire taxpayers’ hearts. Maggie’s leadership is responsible for helping keep our state one of the most business-friendly states in the country. She has done things like restore funding to education, created smart programs and initiatives to train workers and spur hiring, especially in the tech sector, and is investing in our roads and bridges in order to create the infrastructure businesses need to thrive.

She’s done all of this without a sales or income tax, and at the same time her fiscal leadership has given us a $20-million surplus! That’s the sort of leadership we need to keep on the job in Concord, where every dollar counts. Let’s keep Maggie Hassan in the governor’s office so she can keep up the good work!

Phil Tetreau