NH named best state to live in under Hassan’s leadership

To the Editor:

Good news! As governor, Maggie Hassan has presided over our state at a time when New Hampshire has been evaluated as being the best state to live in by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. There were 9 criteria used to determine that status: health, safety, housing availability and affordability, access to broadband internet, civic engagement, education, jobs, environment, and income.

Maggie deserves another term as governor in Concord for more reasons than presiding over the best place to live in the USA. She has shown herself to be a consummate negotiator as she was able to develop a bipartisan budget without a sales or income tax. Thus she was able to restore funding to our university system, children in need of services, family planning, funds for alcohol and drug prevention programs, greater support for mental health services and people with developmental disability.

Maggie has worked with the other New England governors to develop more affordable yet cleaner renewable energy sources which will ultimately help both New Hampshire families and businesses. She and the other governors have asked the Federal EPA to get the mid-western states coal-fired utilities to reduce their air pollution because it drifts into New England and causes asthma and other respiratory diseases.

To make our state safer Maggie’s budget funded more state troopers and maintained drug task force teams. The bipartisan budget also included a small gasoline tax to be used for road and bridge repair. NH has about 140 failing bridges and 20 bridges that had to be closed due to severe safely concerns. Sometimes we need to be willing to tax ourselves for the safety of ourselves and others.

Maggie negotiated a tuition freeze at our state university system for in-state students. This has been a welcome relief for many families. Presently, NH has the highest in-state tuition of any state in the US. That needs to change! To encourage business development, Hassan doubled the tax credit for business research and development.

All in all, Maggie has an excellent record for supporting programs and funding that help families, the environment and the economy. She deserves to retain the governor’s chair in Concord. Please come out and vote for her on November 4th.

Nancy Iannuzzelli