Responding to Dems’ private meetings

To the Editor:

In my letter to the editor, I asserted that the Dems hold “mostly” private meetings. I did so because I have asked in the past when and where the regular meetings were held, and I was told that they were held in people’s residences on an infrequent basis. The 2 pot luck suppers in Milford were held concerning issues that I am very interested in working on (Affordable Care Act and the NH Death Penalty), and in conjunction with other people no matter what their party. The public meetings in Amherst number 3 in the last year and a half. At the selectmans’ forum, you did not even know who I was despite the fact that I had attended the 2 pot luck dinners and an email invitation meeting concerning global warming & gun control. The last meeting that was held at the public library was on April 17th 2014, which was advertised as a Q & A session with local State Reps concerning being a State Rep. You barred me from the meeting, which is a direct violation of Library rules. You also told me to “F*** Off” (direct quote) and to come back when I registered as a Dem. Any person of average intelligence would review the library rules that require all meetings to be open to the public, require that all people be treated in a respectful manner, and prohibit the use of abusive language. Any person of average intelligence would also refraim from using such language let alone near the childrens’ section of the library. Your party claims to be open minded, to invite participation, to be able to respectfully disagree on issues, but your actions are divisive and disrespectful and you do not wish to work with people of any party except Democrats, as shown by your abusive actions at the library and by removing me from the email list. I still believe that you owe the people of Amherst an apology for your behavior in the library. As for registering as a Democrat, I will not be a member of a party that behaves as such. If the Democrats are such an open and welcoming party, then I challenge you to hold your meetings at Joey’s Diner, on a regular schedule, just like the Republicans do.

Anthony J. Nino Jr.