Rowe seeks re-election to House of Representatives

To the Editor:

I ask for your vote on Nov. 4 to return me to the New Hampshire House of Representatives.

In my prior terms, I have worked to secure legislation that improved the quality of life for all citizens of New Hampshire and Amherst. Of special importance to me is legislation that is not special interest legislation or quick fixes, but laws that will benefit citizens decades in the future. Two examples of bills that I have been personally involved and instrumental in passing into law over the past few terms include:

First is the reorganization of the court system that established the Circuit Court. This court is a consolidation of the District Court, Probate Court and Family Court. The Circuit Court will bring the court system closer to the citizens, saving them time and travel.

Second is the bridge bill that I drafted, was the prime sponsor of, and argued before the Transportation Committee. This new law will allow closed bridges to be restored years earlier; an important matter for travelers in Amherst and other communities in our state. The law allows the community to replace the bridge years earlier utilizing municipal funds, and then be reimbursed by the State at a scheduled time.

As a retired attorney and former judge I have been active in the area of tort reform, especially medical malpractice. As a result of my efforts, the time, complexity and cost of claims of medical negligence have been substantially reduced. New laws have been enacted that allow a patient to pursue a claim with out an attorney. This benefits both injured patients and the medical profession through swifter resolution and lower cost.

Your vote will be greatly appreciated.

Rep. Robert H. Rowe