Support Chandley for Amherst

To the Editor:

I am writing in support of Shannon Chandley’s re-election to the New Hampshire House of Representatives. Amherst is very fortunate to have Shannon Chandley as our State Representative. Not only is she a fantastic state representative from Amherst, she is one of the best representatives in our state.

As a small business owner, it is important to me that the state economy grow and thrive. Shannon Chandley has taken steps to insure that New Hampshire does just that. As chair of the Resources, Recreation an Development Committee, Shannon regularly met with the Commissioner and directors of the NH Department of Economic Development. When considering or proposing legislation, she reached out

to stakeholders, including professionals from the Business and Industry Association (BIA), Chambers of Commerce, small business owners and their organizations.

Furthermore, Shannon Chandley established a close working relationship with the governor which gives Amherst a strong voice in Concord. Shannon has supported the governor’s efforts to enhance our business climate through education, innovation, workforce development and incentives. Shannon Chandley supported Amherst families by championing k-12 education and affordable post-secondary

education, including a tuition freeze at the State University System.

On top of these accomplishments, Shannon Chandley represented all of Amherst with dignity and respect. She worked tirelessly for the good of Amherst. It will be a great loss to Amherst as well as the state if Shannon Chandley is not re-elected on November 4th.

Kelly Conway