Vote Shannon Chandley to maintain the NH advantage

To the Editor:

I am writing to offer enthusiastic support for Representative Shannon Chandley on her re-election to the NH House of Representatives.

New Hampshire, by most measures is a fantastic place to live. Our state is often recognized for its outstanding quality of life. Shannon Chandley knows that to maintain that quality of life, we must attract and encourage sustainable and innovative industry, educate our children and our work force, protect our environment, invest in infrastructure and retain young families. Throughout her tenure in the House, Shannon has supported measures to do just that.

Working with constituents and stakeholders, Shannon has, for example, successfully sponsored legislation to establish an economic development plan for the state, to streamline DES permitting applications and to strengthen laws against human trafficking. When considering legislation, Shannon regularly seeks information from interested and diverse parties. Whether soliciting input from the Business and Industry Association (BIA), the New Hampshire Lakes Association or the NH Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence (NHCADSV), Shannon’s willingness to listen, to be challenged and to be fair sets her apart.

Shannon’s thoughtful, realistic, collaborative and honest approach to addressing 21st century challenges to our well-being is impressive. Vote to re-elect Shannon Chandley to maintain our NH advantage.

Adria Bagshaw