Poor Mr. President

To the Editor:

Our poor, poor, overstressed President. The terrible burdens he must endure.

Every time he addresses the people, he tells all how he “shares our burdens and concerns,” after mentioning a long list of those issues that “concern and burden” us all.

The poor man must never have a moment of his own, with all of that “concern and burden sharing,” done on behalf of the “American people.” The sacrifices he must make for our nation and the people.

It almost makes one want to weep in anguish.

Should anyone be forced to bear such a heavy burden, “sharing” all of our concerns, with such unwavering courage and spirit?

Them nasty ole’ Republicans and their ancient old Constitution are making his life unbearably difficult with all of that “concern and burden sharing” the poor man is forced to suffer.

George “Jack” Keiper