Can we find a way to prevent winter power outages?

To the Editor:

Well, it happened again. The Big Scam. You know what I’m talking about. The freezing weather, bucketfuls of snow piling up on the trees, limbs and everything else, bopping your car while driving down the roads and lanes. Power outage. This time right on Thanksgiving, the Big Day and hundreds of turkeys were abandoned to any other means of cooking without electricity (our dear neighbors, luck would have it, had an outdoor barbeque to use – delicious).

Then comes PSNH and the other power companies snaking down the roads with their big trucks from as far away as Missouri and other areas to help dig out New England and restore power. It was nice of them to come and the worker bees do what they must do.

However, it happens year after year after year after year. And, yet, nobody gets it. Isn’t it time to do the right thing? Enough of people languishing in dark cold homes for days on end, children freezing, doing any number of things (camping/hotel stays?), to feed the hungry, the elderly, sick and miserable. Egad! Even I, Lowly Homemaker, can figure it out, so why can’t the Powerful Bosses of Big Power (PBBP)? They wait like tigers ready to pounce on us at the appropriate moment, do their thing, then charge all of us wretched poor residents to the hilt. And, yes, we have all been told they are raising our rates again this year and in some cases, totally out of this world. Ridiculous. And for what?

Here’s my solution: Instead of dragging in all that nice help from everywhere in the U.S. and Canada, paying to take care of the extras with hotel fees, food, transportation costs, etc. running into millions of dollars, spend it on the following:

Cut those trees and hanging branches away from all the roads and overhead power lines at least 10 feet, towns included, during the hiatus of summer/spring/fall to prevent winter catastrophes. (Trees on homeowners property will be cut by them or pay for job out-of-pocket. A law should be enacted that if such is not done, homeowner will be responsible for all costs of any damage done by falling trees – which includes your tree limbs bopping on top of my car. And, oh, yes, town doesn’t get off scott free, either).

PBBP should start putting all wires underground. In this part of the U.S. it is ridiculous not to do so and ASAP.

And, why not Northern Pass? They plan to do some underground wiring (they should do it all) and what’s not to like about lower bills and hey, electricity when you need it?

Whatever it takes.

Enough is enough already. Do you homeowners get it yet? Stop the nonsense. New Hampshire touts being first in the nation to vote. So now be first in the nation to clobber the winter power chaos. Amen to that?

Norma McKinney