Support our police officers

To the Editor:

The national media and political left wing undermining of police is damaging to our national well-being and lacks factual basis. The disparaging remarks about police reinforce a rebellion against authority that is latent in many adolescents. This is akin to throwing a match onto smoldering embers. What law abiding adult (no less the president and attorney general) would encourage kids to go out into a mob environment and break the law protesting that a police officer shot a criminal in Ferguson in self-defense? Not a good idea unless your politics is to cause trouble and undermine the authority that holds our people together. I guess we’re seeing the “change” that Obama had in store for us.

Even more outrageous is the fact that police are killed and assaulted while protecting the very communities that mock them. The FBI Criminal Justice statistics details the 27 police officers killed by criminals and almost 50,000 assaulted in the line of duty in 2013. The harsh, unpleasant reality is that black America is a more dangerous place for police, innocent residents and criminals.

Let’s remember that the police are the good guys and criminals are the bad guys. Next time you see a policeman, thank him/her for what they do.

Chris Ager