Why isn’t the town releasing the Brox gravel study report now?

Brox gravel study should
be available to the public

To the Editor:

It is unfortunate that the town is not making Fieldstone’s Phase I Brox gravel study report available to the public in timely fashion. The town received the report as of Dec. 1 and does not want to make it available until Dec. 29.

Citizens have paid $20,000 for the study and deserve to know the results as soon as possible before the finalization of warrant articles that would go to deliberative session on Jan. 31.

My request for information under New Hampshire’s Right to Know Law that I first filed for Dec. 1 is still unfulfilled. The town wants the public to wait until Dec. 29, on which date the contractor will make a presentation to the Board of Selectmen about the results of the study.

Why the long delay? Under New Hampshire’s Right to Know Law, citizens have a right to public documents without unnecessary delay. The town is using excuses that the report that was received at the beginning of the month is still a “draft” even though the “final edits” were being made last week and the director of community development had indicated the report would be distributed to the BOS on Dec. 15. However, Director Parker did not provide the report to the BOS which would have also made it available to the public, and the question is, why not?

The town has not documented to my satisfaction why it needs until Dec. 29 to release the complete report. From my vantage point, this is stalling to the detriment of the public’s right to know.

Suzanne Fournier


Brox Environmental Citizens