No pipeline is the best fix for “lack of a pipeline”

To the Editor:

I would like to commend Amherst “Chairman of the Board” Dwight Brew, with his public statement that he is for the pipeline but his constituents are NOT so he HAS to vote against it!

I feel this is a valid statement that is too often forgotten by our elected officials, Consider this a reminder for all the elected officials that might be reading this! And this is a perfect example of why a NO vote is needed on the “roll Call” bill and why it needs to be used on all voted bills!

The pipeline issue has become a battle between Mother Earth and the all mighty dollar$!

Who is going to benefit the most from this pipe line? The current estimate on usage is 32% possible use in New England 68% will be available for EXPORT. Both the overseas customers it is being sent to along with the profit it generates for Tennessee Gas Pipeline Co. /Kinder Morgan is who!

Is this going to help Milford on a local level? Milford is scheduled to receive $485,000.00 every year! Will this help reduce local taxes? I was told probably not, it will be used for “other” projects. How many current home owners without natural gas will be able to convert in a timely fashion to make it worth our while in our lifetime?? Not too many I would imagine. However the town of Fitchburg Mass is going to have its own lateral at the expense of New Hampshire. None of the maps I have seen show any 200 PSI service connections! Is this an oversight? I doubt it!

The damage being done to the earth is another matter, look at what strip mining has done in West Virginia! Most home owners on well water are happy with the quality of their water, what is going to happen with the blasting involved?? Last time I checked New Hampshire is known as the “Granite State” Why is that I wonder? It is not to be easily worked with or blasted in any case. Shock waves travel considerable distances at considerable speed in solid objects Eg. Granite and cause considerable damage!

Using additional fossil fuels (NG) is not going in the direction of being green. It is just making it easier to continue in the WRONG direction. If Kinder Morgan was a responsible company and serious about wanting to help with the climate issues they would put their profits into funding other energy sources and NOT their pocket book, as its obvious that’s what they are doing. This is an excellent case of “Its NOT ALWAYS ABOUT THE MONEY”. Yes this project needs to be approved by the federal government HOWEVER this is a “Private For Profit project” at our expense!

A thirty six inch pipe operating at 1,400 PSI provides 201,600 pounds (100.8 TONS) of pressure per sq. foot of surface! One foot of pipe has 9.42 square feet of surface area, this equates to 950.019 TONS of pressure for each foot of pipe! What do you think the extent of damage will be with a rupture? Leakage is another concern! What is their acceptable level? I know it has to be higher than mine! As far as I am concerned there is no acceptable level and it cannot and must not be greater than ZERO! With Natural gas comes its own list of health concerns and issues!

Don’t forget the Herbicides to keep the weeds down (how safe is that), besides it goes great with the summer cook out!

This information can be verified along with much, much more and providing a source to purchase signs opposing the building of the pipeline at “” Please visit the site and join in the effort to defeat the pipeline.

Please attend any and all public meetings on this subject it is my understanding that there will NOT be any type of public vote on this ludicrous proposal.

Nick Darchik