Citizens group responds to article about $1M of gravel at Brox property

To the Editor:

Is there a million easy dollars just sitting on the ground at Brox waiting to be taken to the bank? No, there is not. If there were, we would have taken it out by now.

We’ve known since 2005 after the study by Clough, Harbour & Associates, that there’s approximately a million cubic yards of earth materials buried under the forested hills. But to get that sand and gravel would require a large, noisy, commercial mining operation with a minimum of a bulldozer, a wheeled loader, an articulated hauler, an excavator, a water truck and portable processors, such as screeners and a wash plant, according to the Fieldstone report.

The Board of Selectmen have just told us that it would take many years to accomplish the deed and that there’s no guarantee of making a penny, if there’s a poor market for the stuff.

Imagine a long, dragged out ordeal of raping the land and leaving behind a much larger, empty, flat, gravel pit than what we have now, several times larger. And what do we, and especially future generations, have to lose? Plenty! The Heron Pond Wetland Complex has revealed itself to be rich with biodiversity in the forested hills, the fields, the vernal pools, the ponds and the streams, along with all the plants and wildlife that go with them.

Much of the natural beauty of the hilly, forested hiking and biking trails would be gone.

And what would we get in return for handing over this property to the Board of Selectmen? We would have speculation that the mining company might be able to give us $1.25 for each cubic yard chunk of earth that it can sell over the duration of many years. The Board of Selectmen has admitted that the potential sale of the earth material is a big unknown.

Perhaps you will agree that the Brox Property, aka the Heron Pond Wetland Complex, is too important to Heron Pond Elementary schoolchildren and so many other Milford citizens to be gambled away on such a risky and shaky proposition.

Suzanne Fournier


Brox Environmental Citizens