O’Brien sets up w(h)ine shop

To the Editor:

Bill O’Brien has set up a shadow GOP organization for himself and his band of malcontents. Unable to abide by the wishes of the majority of voters and republicans in the State, he has decided to take his ball and bat and go to a rented space where his cabal can try and destroy the State’s GOP party and deprive all voters of an effective representative State legislature. The fact that his ploys at power grabbing have failed on at least two attempts shows how ineffective and divisive his leadership style is. Unfortunately, my representative from Milford, Steve Stepanek, has decided to join these dissidents and, as a result, my representation in the legislature is now depreciated. However, I will rectify that during the next election. Every minute of in fighting is a minute I am not being represented. It would be inappropriate for our tax money to be used to pay for the O’Brien ball park (rented space). These separatists should pay for any expenses associated with their action.

Art Faint