Milford selectmen have a $1M math problem with Brox Article 23

To the Editor:

The Milford Board of Selectmen’s plan to excavate and sell sand at the Brox Property is flawed in many ways. Here is an example that will illustrate how poorly they have thought this thing through. According to the Fieldstone report the total marketable material for the project will be approximately 919,000 cubic yards. A large tractor trailer dump truck can carry a 20 ton load. Sand weighs 1.5 tons per cubic yard so this type of truck could carry 13.3 cubic yards of sand. If you divide 919,000 by 13.3 the result is over 69,000 truckloads of sand moving on Milford roads and bridges. In a best case scenario assuming 10 trucks per day 6 days a week for 52 weeks a year, it would take over 22 years to complete this project. In one year’s time the amount of sand removal would be 41,496 yards. At the current estimated value of sand by Fieldstone of $1.25 per yard that would bring $51,870 per year. Maybe that would be enough to pay for the maintenance on the roads and bridges that the trucks are driving on each year. If the $1 Million advertised by the BOS is actually achieved it will be stretched out over 22 years. In the real world the number of trucks per day would be fewer than 10 and they would not be moving sand 6 days a week or on holidays or during bad weather. Also the ever changing demand for sand will add another unknown variable . So the actual number of truckloads and revenue for the town would be lower than calculated here. In addition, the market value for sand will be constantly changing creating more uncertainty for how much revenue the town will receive. The Selectmen are well aware of the uncertainty of this project so that is why they are not being specific about anything regarding their plans. All they want is a blank check. Please reject this poorly planned 22 year excavation at the Brox Property.

Tom Gardner

Brox Environmental Citizens