Last week’s photo brought back memories

To the Editor:

My dad served for many years on the Milford Fire Department and I wish he were still alive because I am sure he would have the complete answer, but here it goes.

Pictured are: Hugo Trentini, president of the Souhegan Savings Bank, Paul “Hutch” Hutchinson, chief of the Milford Fire Department and owner of Hutchinson’s gas station which was located right beside the Milford Inn before the inn burned down, Ray Dyer, drug store owner and also a member of the Milford Fire Department.

The old resuscitator was used by the fire department to resuscitate smoke inhalation victims at fires. At that time, there was no emergency medical service. I have to assume that this picture represents some sort of charitable contribution to purchase this equipment either by a group of town merchants or the Rotary Club.

Thank you for posting this picture.

Stephen Sears

New Boston