Brox Citizens: Article 23 facts misplaced – again

To the Editor:

Mr. Paul Cunningham, Ph.D. and the Brox Environmental Citizen’s group, in their never ending quest to misinform the public relative to the Community Lands, have once again presented a series of skewed analyses in an editorial. It is clear this group’s goal is stopping all development on the property and totaling disregarding taxpayer concerns.

Facts are stubborn things and these are the facts relative to the proposed project:

– More than 50 percent (75 acres+) of the 140-acre Community Land area will remain undisturbed, available for hiking, biking and school children.

– The project will be reviewed by the Planning Board with plenty of opportunity to obtain additional public input. State approval will also be obtained.

– The Brox Community Lands Master Plan, which had significant community input, will be followed.

– Milford is a growing community of over 15,000 and this area should be shared by all Milford’s citizens and not held exclusively for those who like to hike and bike. Milford presently has 1,000’s of acres of protected land and over 40 miles of trails.

– All revenue received will be deposited into the General Fund to offset taxes.

– Finally, the town has a unique opportunity to obtain revenue (a rare occurrence), and use it offset the cost of so many needs.  The taxpayers deserve a break; we can obtain revenue from this resource or leave it buried in the ground under a school, cemetery, playing field, or some other town use. This project has been 15 years in the making, it is time, vote Yes on Article 23.

Milford Board of Selectmen