A gem in Milford worth conserving, not destroying with Article 23

To the Editor:

We now know from the draft Natural Resources Inventory conducted on the 270-acre Brox property for the Conservation Commission that, “In its entirety, the Brox property has very high natural resource value due to the significant variety of wetlands and natural cover types present.”

We now know that “Key to Blanding’s turtle conservation is maintaining connections between the various habitats used by the species.” And that “construction of roads between aquatic and terrestrial habitat may result in extirpation of local Blanding’s turtle populations.” Bear in mind that Blanding’s turtles are a NH State Endangered Species.

We now know that “wetlands at the Brox property are numerous and diverse” and that the wetland “systems form a vast wetland complex.” The draft NRI points out that “it is likely that a significant portion of the wetlands at the Brox property would be designated as Prime, due to their large size and that they support rare species (e.g. Blanding’s and Spotted Turtles), provide critical wildlife habitat to a wide range of wildlife species, provide recreational and educational opportunities, flood control, and more.”

For all these reasons many citizens have warmheartedly nicknamed the property the Heron Pond Wetland Complex.

The reasonable conclusion from reading the NRI is that the Town has a real gem of a property here, one to be treasured and conserved, not destroyed.

In contrast, the Board of Selectmen’s Warrant Article 23 would mine and level 60 acres of terrestrial habitat used by the threatened and endangered turtles, vernal pool amphibians, and so many more species. Article 23 would build a road network for the trucks and equipment of the mining and shipping operation.

Roads, as the NRI indicates, would mean death not only to individual turtles, snakes and frogs, but that can also cause Rare, Threatened and Endangered species to disappear completely from the Brox Property.

So this is the contrast and the choice the citizens of Milford are to make, either to value what we already have in richness at the Brox Property, aka Heron Pond Wetland Complex, or, destroy 60 acres of some of the best natural habitat owned by the Town anywhere in Milford.

It’s an easy decision, really, to vote no on destructive Warrant Article 23 on March 10th.

Suzanne Fournier