Elect Purvis to Souhegan School Board

To the Editor:

It is with great confidence that I ask you to please join me in supporting Dwayne Purvis for election to the Souhegan School Board. Dwayne is the type of person that we can feel confident will represent the taxpayers, and the students of our town, well. Dwayne not only talks the talk of high academic excellence and awareness, he walks the walk. Dwayne has been attending both the Souhegan and Amherst District Board meetings for the better part of three years in order to educate himself as a parent, community member, and taxpayer. This is the type of commitment that is necessary to be an informed voting member of a board.

Mr. Purvis has also served for two years on the Souhegan Advisory Finance Committee. During this time he enjoyed a collaborative working relationship with the board and administration, while still expecting excellence and fiscal responsibility. This experience has allowed him to become very familiar with all of the nuances of a school budget, and the viewpoints of the many stakeholders.

Personally, Dwayne is kind, engaging, and approachable. He is a family man who values the qualities that the town of Amherst offers to his family, and is willing to work toward keeping Amherst a desirable place to live. He seeks this position with an open mind, and without an agenda.

Again, please join me on March 10, in supporting Dwayne Purvis for a seat on the Souhegan Cooperative School Board.

Bret A. Mullens