Support Article 16 on March 10

To the Editor:

I urge the voters of Milford to support warrant article 16 at the polls on March 10. This article seeks to raise $20,000 to support the Souhegan Valley Transportation Collaborative’s demand-response “Blue Bus” service – a critical support for the elderly and disabled of Milford who are without their own means of transportation.

With over half of SVTC’s 3,459 rides in 2014 provided for residents of Milford, one can clearly see the need for this service, which focuses on transportation for elderly and disabled residents for critical medical and social service needs. While it may seem like veryone in Milford has a car (or two), that is simply not the case. For those on fixed incomes, vehicles are often not afforable, and for the frail, driving one’s self is often not advised for safety’s sake.

Working day to day with many of the area’s elderly and disabled who are also needy, I see the challenges they face in accessing essential services such as medical care. The “Blue Bus” is the only option for many of them. Since 2008, the SVTC has offered a safe, reliable system that allows our most vulnerable citizens a sense of independence and an opportunity to be responsible for connecting with services they need. The bus also provides perhaps an intangible effect for riders, many of whom live alone, of spending time together enjoying their journeys.

In addition to the service provided to the riders, the bus system has other positive effects for our community, including the many impacts of less traffic on our roads. Any of us who drive 101A can easily appreciate the effect of a bus taking several people to Nashua for appointments versus each one in a separate vehicle. Over the past five years, the”Blue Bus” has become an integral part of our community. Please support its continued service to the citizens of Milford.

Christine A. Janson

Executive Director,
SHARE Outreach