Vote ‘no’ on Warrant Article 39, save Amherst aquifer and residential area

To the Editor:

Warrant Article 39 is innocuously worded so as to hide its true impact. As it is said “the devil is in the details”. This article proposes to add an additional undeveloped 15 acres currently zoned Rural/Residential to what is 150+ undeveloped acres of existing Industrial land on top of the Amherst Aquifer! Clearly Amherst does not need more empty Industrial acres encroaching on our existing and growing residential community. This parcel if rezoned has the potential of being used for industries such as a gas fired electrical power plant (should the proposed natural gas pipeline be installed) on top of what is already becoming an over developed aquifer. There is a reason that as the article proposer said this rezoning was planned to be proposed before never done. Stop the expansion of unused industrial land into our residential areas. After all that was one of the purposes and why zoning was established in the first place.

Kenneth Bury