Brox Property Article 23 and the road to ruin

To the Editor:

At last week’s Candidate Forum for Milford Selectman, Mark Fougere continued to insist that the old gravel road through the Brox Property is passable by large mining trucks, even though the fact is that there is a huge washout along this road preventing passage. Anyone can see this washout area online by accessing the Town’s GIS webpage and looking up Lot 38-14. Fougere should confirm this for himself.

A road going through the former Brox Property to Perry Road would require an engineering study and a carefully designed, and expensive bridge with dredge and fill permits from the Department of Environmental Services to make it accessible for vehicles to cross the large washout and sensitive Birch Brook wetlands. In its current condition it is illegal for vehicles to drive through this and all wetlands.

In addition, the road traverses very sensitive wetland habitat that was just confirmed by the Natural Resources Inventory conducted for the Milford Conservation Commission.

This old dirt road is being used by wildlife and people as part of the trail system for hiking and biking and has been for many years. So if it was turned into a heavily traveled construction road, it would be devastating to the wildlife and for human recreation for decades.

Fougere also said recently at the Deliberative Session that whoever will get the contract to extract sand and gravel, should Warrant Article 23 pass, would absorb the cost of building the road to make it strong enough to handle the traffic – which could be as many as 69,000 truck trips hauling 20 tons for more than 20 years; however, the cost would ultimately cut right into the town’s profits, not the contractor’s.

Fougere seems to only want the voters to know what he considers to be the facts concerning the Brox Property. Do not be misled by Candidate Fougere about the road or promises of huge sums of money. Profits realized from a mining operation would mostly go to the contractor, not the Town, and the mining would go on for decades.

Mining sand and gravel was a bad idea last year and is a bad idea this year. The Budget Advisory Committee also strongly opposes this warrant article.

Please vote no on Warrant Article 23.

Tom Gardner

Brox Environmental Citizens