Investment in community is critical

To the Editor:

The Milford Economic Development Advisory Council (EDAC) is a broad-based group of business owners and community board members charged with fostering economic development through initiatives that build Milford’s quality of life and strengthen the business community. Continual investment in the community is critical. With this in mind EDAC lends its support to the following warrant articles to be voted on March 10th:

The Library Building Project – The Library is an anchor for the Downtown drawing thousands of people in annually who in turn support local businesses. It is a resource for learning and community gatherings and events. The facility is in need of serious repairs and is undersized for a community of 15,000 plus people. The Building Project is long overdue, well-thought out and energy efficient. The Library is an economic driver and will never be less costly if delayed year after year.

West Elm Street Water Main Extension – This infrastructure improvement will enhance the economic viability of the West Elm Gateway into Milford by extending a municipal water line for businesses and eventual system connection to the Town of Wilton. This is also a safety improvement providing needed fire protection. It makes economic sense to coordinate the construction of the water main with pending NHDOT roadway improvements.

Jennison Road Bridge – Investing in Town infrastructure is essential. The Jennison Road Bridge is a critical safety improvement on a major local road.

Pumpkin Festival, Labor Day Parade, Community Events, The Souhegan Valley Blue Bus Service – All these warrant articles, although relatively small in dollar amounts, contribute to the quality of life for all Milford citizens, draw people into Town to support local businesses, and make Milford the desirable community it is to live, work, and visit.

EDAC urges Milford voters to vote yes on these warrant articles at the polls on March 10th.

Matt Ciardelli


Milford Economic Development Advisory Council