Vote down proposed town, school budgets

To the Editor:

Rather than offer an opinion on various town and school warrant articles to be voted on March 10, I would like to present some indisputable facts concerning two of them, that Milford’s town fathers keep trying to keep the public from realizing.

First, the true cost of the library rebuilding. The warrant article wants just shy of $5 million for the new structure, but the true cost over the 20-year bonding period, with interest, is almost $7 million (these are their figures as stated at the deliberative session). The town administration said that “everybody knows there are interest charges involved, so why confuse the issue”? Just remember voters, the true cost of the new library is close to $7 million, and that is what you will be voting on.

The other item involves the new teachers’ contract. The published additional cost of the three-year contract is: Year one = $441,596; year two = $603,244; year three = $618,735. What is not published, but affirmed by the school board at that deliberative session, is the first year’s additional cost is, indeed, $441,596. The second year, however, is $603,244 on top of the $441,596. The third year is $618,735 on top of the combination of the previous two years. Someone with greater mathematical skills than I, determined that the total additional cost after three years, is $3.1 million, and that amount is added to any future contract increases. Therefore, when you vote on the proposed teachers’ contract, just be aware that the total three-year additional cost is $3.1 million.

I do have two opinions concerning the warrant articles, and that is I urge the voters to defeat the proposed budgets of both the town and school, which will kick in the default budgets, which in both cases is just a little over $100,000 less. Both the town and school have a year-end surplus of about $1 million and $600,000 respectively. If they actually do run out of money, let them draw on this surplus, which our taxes have already paid for! And don’t forget, the proposed school budget is increased despite declining enrollment, and the town is still going to try to get us to approve a new fire house down the road (they haven’t given up on that, I assure you).

Milford voters: all of us only have so much money they can take from us. Vote accordingly!

Stephen Takacs