Daniels should just browse a little bit on pipeline

To the Editor:

Senator/Selectman Daniels needs more information about Kinder Morgan. In my view all he needs to do is go to his computer, open a browser and type in the URL of Wikipedia, then type Kinder Morgan in the search box and hit enter. When the page comes up scroll down to where it says, Pipeline Safety and begin reading. From 2003 – 2014 they’ve been cited for violating standards for the distance between a natural gas pipeline and a “high consequence area” such as a school or hospital.

The pipeline being too close to areas of this type.

Between 2003 and 2014 Kinder Morgan has had 36 “significant incidents” resulting in explosions and spills leading to hospitalizations and fatalities just in Texas, where they’re headquartered.

In the rest of the U.S. there have been a minimum of 180 of the same type incident in 24 states from Kinder Morgan and it’s subsidiaries during the same period. So Texans don’t fare any better than the rest of us.

I realize that holding down two elected offices must keep Senator/Selectman Daniels busy and hope that he will stop by his PC to check out Kinder Morgan’s record of injuries, death and damage from pipelines, which they have built, having failed. I know I’m just another voice that might impede Mr. Daniels thought process as, apparently, did those at Hampshire Hills so I pitched in to help out.

There may be some economic benefits to the towns beyond tax revenues in among the costs of fatalities, injuries, spills, leaks and explosions.