Dokmo is right choice for cemetery trustee

To the Editor:

Amherst’s Cemetery Trustees are responsible for the operation, maintenance and expansion of the town’s six public cemeteries. In carrying out these duties, the cemetery trustees must interact with the sexton (the Department of Public Works manager) for operations, maintenance, and the sale of rights to inter. They also cooperate with the Board of Selectmen, and the Trustees of the Trust Funds for the management of both public and private trusts, the latter being subject to the supervision of the NH Attorney General’s Office for Charitable Trusts. The job of cemetery trustee is surprisingly complex.

It follows that a prospective cemetery trustee benefits from having a detailed knowledge of how the town operates, from having had service on previous town boards or commissions, from having constructed budgets under NH revised statutes annotated (RSAs) and who has been careful in the expenditure of tax payers’ money. Being a cemetery trustee is more than administration. It also means helping families and being sensitive to their needs at a time of interment. That is why I endorse and support Cynthia Dokmo for cemetery trustee on the Amherst town ballot to be voted on March 10, at the Souhegan High School. Please join me in voting for Cynthia Dokmo as the most qualified candidate for Amherst cemetery trustee.

Bill Belvin