Fraizer looks at sustainability for town’s future

To the Editor:

What does the future hold? As I consider the warrant articles for the library, the Brox property, and other various line items on the ballet I am disappointed by the narrow view of the town. I rarely hear them discuss solutions that are sustainable.

For example, in the library proposal, when the project is complete, will the ongoing costs for energy be equivalent or less than current consumption? What would the increased amount be to make it a green building? Green building is the practice of using processes that are environmentally responsible and resource efficient throughout its lifecycle from construction, operation, maintenance and renovation. The library is a definite need, what the public should be asking is how much more would it be to implement sustainable solutions that would reduce the ongoing costs: Low flow toilets, lighting, solar, impervious pavement to name a few. I support the warrant article 3 for the library and hope it can be as green as possible.

In regard to the Brox property, where are all of the details? How much of the 994,000 cubic yards will be needed for the playing fields near the Heron Pond Road? The brief report states that the “Town’s Department of Public Works will keep 75,000 cubic yards.” Where will this be stored? How long will it last? Where does the town get more when it is depleted? The plan provides for a “minimum of four feet” of material being left between the excavation and the groundwater. Would it be better to leave more material, eight feet, for geothermal heat system for the proposed facilities? The town accepted a Brox property community land master plan that placed priority on phasing in recreation fields, why is this being overlooked? There are still engineering studies to be done on the property.

Where did the selectmen get the money for the 2014 study? Why wasn’t it a warrant article? The selectmen pooled the efficiencies, underspending of other departments to finance the study. This project needs full transparency. If warrant article 23 passes, the selectmen will receive too much authority. There needs to be a detailed plan approved by the public. I do not support warrant article 23 for the Brox excavation.

I support warrant articles 13, 14 and 16: Social services, conservation land fund, and non-emergency community transportation (Blue) bus, respectively. These articles are what make us a compassionate community. They support our social responsibility to each other and to the earth.

I hope you ask similar questions about sustainability, I hope you want answers. If you vote for me as selectman, I will support a sustainable community that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meeting their own needs.

Thank you for your vote on March 10.

Audrey Fraizer