Nature at Brox Property helps to make Milford special, don’t sell it off

To the Editor:

I want to share with you several of the very good reasons not to destroy the Brox Property, what is more aptly called the Heron Pond Wetland Complex, with a mining operation. I want to say why it’s important to vote “no” on warrant article 23.

Not only is there a diversity of common species of wildlife living in the habitats, but also rare, threatened and endangered species. This was confirmed by the results of the Natural Resources Inventory.

The surface water is clean and abundant, and so is the groundwater. The wetlands help control flood water.

The air is clean and fresh with oxygen produced by all the trees, including the forests on the hills that would be leveled by the proposed mining operation.

A great many people enjoy passive recreation inside the 270 acres, such as the hikers, runners, cyclists, dog walkers, snowshoers and cross-country skiiers.

Some of the scenery is to die for, such as looking out at Heron Pond from atop one of the hills. This is a great place for wildlife watching and photography.

And with Heron Pond School right there, the teachers and students have nature study in a rich and varied natural environment. There’s the potential benefit to other schools as well.

In light of the tremendous social, educational and economic-tourism values resulting from the Brox Property, there is little justification for the destruction that would result from an earth removal operation.

Please vote “NO” on Milford’s warrant article 23. Heron Pond Wetland Complex is one of Milford’s special places worth saving. Thank you for caring.

Suzanne Fournier


Brox Environmental Citizens