Wilton Water Commission chairman endorses Edelblut

To the Editor:

My name is Tom Schultz and I am the current chairman of the Wilton Water Commission. I am writing today to offer my sincere recommendation of State Representative Frank Edelblut for the position as Wilton water commissioner in the Wilton town election coming up on Tuesday, March 10.

Mr. Edelblut is currently representing our community as a New Hampshire State Representative and previously served on the Wilton Water Commission as an appointed commissioner. He has my utmost respect for his service and efforts on behalf of the citizens of Wilton in both roles.

Frank is seeking to serve on the Wilton Water Commission so as to best support the needs and wishes of the Wilton water district’s users. In my experience his professionalism and treatment of others has been fair and balanced. Thanks to Frank’s efforts while he was a water commissioner, the Wilton water works received not one, but two state grants valued at close to $35,000, allowing the purchase of a full system standby generator and an asset management survey of the system to be conducted.

This endorsement is given without reservation nor personal benefit to myself, and is my own effort to support the best candidate who I believe will bring the best skill set to this position. I hope that regardless of who you support in the upcoming election that you take advantage of the opportunity to vote on Tuesday, the 10th.

Thomas C. Schultz


Wilton Water Commission