Fools 5K Milford Track

To the Editor:

On Sunday, March 29, Milford Track and Field held a charitable event to raise money for the Milford Track and Field team.

It was a great time, but – and isn’t there always one – I ran the race, and saw numerous young racers from Londonderry, Amherst, and Merrimack. The problem: I saw no Milford Track and Field runners.

I found that odd, so the next day I went and looked at the race standings, looking for Milford’s next great runner. The only problem is the race standings show no Milford High School-age finishers. Zero. I then thought maybe the coach decided not to let his track and field kids run the race, but why would a coach want other students from other towns winning a race and gaining racing experience?

There were no water stations along the run, so the track and field team was not volunteering to do that.

My question is this, can Milford Track and Field host a charitable event, and not even be there?

I finished the race, but trust me when I tell you this, I’m not the future of Milford Track and Field.

Jonathan Ricciardi