Praise for Heron Pond Elementary School

To the Editor:

I am writing in regards to the Heron Pond Elementary School. My son and I moved to Milford last August because we were attracted by it many appealing features including proximity to nature, an Oval offering good restaurants, coffee houses, shops as well as all the town offices and library. The only reluctance we had was concern over the quality of the school system. This was an especially important issue as my son had a history of being challenged academically.

Well, I can now say that these concerns were unfounded. After only 5 months I can report that my son has thrived academically. His teacher not only challenged and motivated my son to be his best but also provided a nurturing and supportive environment that he looked forward to each school day. His teacher made sure he did not fall behind and brought out the best.

In additional to normal academic instruction my son also received extra help within the Special Education department. This included help for his professionally diagnosed dyslexia as well as for being raised in a dual language household. I can without hesitation, say that these services were key in helping my son achieve his best and to keep up with his classmates. Their professionalism and well tested, proven methods gave my son the support and foundation he needed.

I can now, with utmost confidence, highly recommend the Heron Pond Elementary School.

Mark Williams