Pipeline is trouble, Kuster is disappointing

To the Editor:

The proposed Kinder Morgan pipeline is disturbing. I wrote a letter to our esteemed congresswoman Ann Kuster about my concerns on this. When I received her reply, I read between the lines and formed the opinion that what she was really saying was that she would do anything the corporations who bought her tell her to do.

That would be disappointing, and she has lost my vote. But that won’t help in the near term. One possible scenario that could happen is this: a family who owns property and a house is told by some corporation that they’re going to lose their house because the corporation wants to make money.

And, this corporation is going to use Eminent Domain through the government that they have bought. This being the Live Free or Die state with (thankfully) gun friendly laws, the family chooses to protect their constitutional right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, since their government fails to do so.

This scenario is not good for anyone involved.

So, I propose that Kinder Morgan take their 36 inch high pressure pipe and get out of our state.