Clinton is the candidate to do something about student debt crisis

To the Editor:

According to the Institute for College Access and Success, New Hampshire ranks No. 1 in average student debt carried by students attending public and private nonprofit colleges, at $32,795. New Hampshire also ranks No. 1 in proportion of students who carry college debt, at 76 percent.

Our student debt burden is a national crisis. How will carrying crushing student debt inhibit a graduate’s ability to open a small business, pursue an advanced degree, buy a home, or take on other financial risks that help make communities stronger? Our economy will suffer if young people are mired in debt for many years to come.

Hillary Clinton’s past legislative record on this issue is clear. As a senator, she was a vocal advocate for the College Cost and Reduction Act which expanded Pell Grants, reduced student interest rates, and introduced student loan forgiveness plans. She sponsored legislation that aimed to improve access to higher education for nontraditional students. Currently, she advocates for free community college for all who are willing to work hard for it.

America’s prosperity in the 20th century directly paralleled our nation’s rising enrollment in public high school. Our prosperity in the 21st century will require the same at the college level.

I’m supporting Hillary Clinton because I believe she is the candidate who recognizes the seriousness of our student debt crisis, and has the knowledge and determination to do something about it. Please join me in supporting Hillary Clinton for President in 2016.

Lisa Petrie