Flints Pond will be there for you this summer – will you be there for Flints Pond?

To the Editor:

With warmer weather upon us, another request comes to those of you who fish, paddle, take pictures, or eat your lunch at Flints Pond to get involved with the Flint Pond Improvement Association. We ask for your help because year after year the community depends on a small group of volunteers to attend meetings for Flints Pond, handle all votes and fundraising efforts for a place that is used by many more people than just those few who are dedicated to the cause. If you somehow benefit from the work of this small nonprofit please ask yourself, “what have I done to help the pond that I frequently use”?

There are a number of ways to get involved:

? Participate in NH DES water sampling on the pond once a month during June, July, and August.

??Attend a Weed Watchers training and monitor for milfoil on the pond.

??Create outreach materials for the kiosk volunteers built in 2013 for the state boat launch at Flints Pond.

? Volunteer for community outreach at Hollis Old Home Day and fundraising events.

? Be a sponsor or golfer at the 18 Holes to Save a Pond golf tournament on June 26 at Amherst Country Club.

? Visit www.flintspond.org for additional information.

Whether you are new to the area, fished on the pond once or a hundred times we need you. If you helped with the association a few decades ago we need you back. If you live nearby in Nashua or Brookline or Milford or Massachusetts, we need you.

We are at a turning point and it will be a mistake to assume that the FPIA directors of today will always be here tomorrow. Please do your part, the time is now. Contact current President Beth Flagler at president@flintspond.org for more information. Volunteer directors terms are one year. We meet once a month on the pond in the summer and in the winter at the library.

Business is also addressed via email for those who cannot attend a meeting. What we do is work for water quality, wildlife, and recreation and it is fun. Thank you.

The Flint Pond Improvement Association