Open letter to Gov. Hassan regarding proposed pipeline

To the Editor:

Dear Governor Hassan, (Members of the Federal Energy Regulatory Com­mission),

I’d like to request your support in the following matter:

This is to voice my opposition of the LNG pipeline proposed by NED Kinder Morgan and the Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company. This proposal shows greed, arrogance and a total disregard for the New Hampshire en­vironment and its’ citizens.

The construction and existence of this pipeline is going to negatively im­pact New Hampshire’s habitat upon which we and all the animals depend.

The proposed LNG pipeline is go­ing to require approximately 70 miles long by 150 feet wide of our private and state land. That is nearly 1400 square acres of our residential and natural beauty. This amount of disturbed land doesn’t even include the access roads to construct the pipeline.

This could diminish the food supply for the animals. The insecticides used to maintain this proposed route can potentially kill off animals and con­taminate our drinking water.

The approximate 75 acres required for the proposed compressor pump station (to be located in Mason) is go­ing to damage the environment more than Kinder Morgan says. The inces­sant noise and light pollution which will exist 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year will adversely af­fect our environment.

This is so depressing! This feels like a pointed attack on the citizens and natural beauty that comprise this great state. I moved to Milford, New Hampshire in 1983 to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. I plan to retire herein the next coming years. I’ve experience a lot of what New Hampshire has to offer in my own back yard. I regularly see deer, bears, foxes, bats, turkeys, wood chucks, humming birds, chickadees, barn snakes, gar­den snakes, red head woodpeckers, beavers, bob cats, box turtles and red cardinals as well.

The food source for these animals is in abundance (blackberries, raspber­ries and blueberries).

My house is my castle. I love my state and the surrounding towns which bor­der Milford and will be affected by this proposed pipeline. Where I live, the surrounding forest is mystical. Massive boulders have been placed here from the last ice age. It’s wonder­ful to snowshoe in this area.

The foliage is spectacular in the fall. Our many lakes and ponds provide many ways of relaxation and enjoy­ment for all our citizens.

Many people come to New Hamp­shire to enjoy our abundance of our environment, whether it be leaf peep­ing, snowmobiling, fishing, hiking or mountain climbing. Mount Monad­nock, the most climbed mountain in the nation, will be affected by the lo­cation of this proposed pipeline.

The proposed pipeline will disturb all of this.

I volunteer my time with my commu­nity and state. I give many hours each week to the Boys Scouts of America. I am an assistant district commissioner of the Arrow Head District in the state of New Hampshire. I’ve coordinate the scouts for food events for twenty seven years to support the food pantries in my area. I also support our veterans for the Memorial and Veteran’s Day Parade.

Inventor Nikoli Tesla, in the be­ginning of the industrial revolution, showed us how to obtain free energy. Tesla proved that captivating elec­trons and proton magnetic fields is a long term solution for the benefit of all citizens.

Methane gas is all about greed and filling the pockets of a few.

In summary, I oppose this imposi­tion of the New Hampshire way of life. I stand in opposition of this pipeline proposal.

Therefore, I request that this NED Kinder Morgan, Tennessee Gas Pipe­line proposal location be rejected by the Federal Energy Regulatory Com­mission.

Likewise, I am requesting that you, Gov. Hassan, and all our elected of­ficials use your political power and influence to persuade the Federal En­ergy Regulatory Commission to reject this pipeline proposal.