Kasich doesn’t walk the walk on climate change

To the Editor:

Climate change is real, ac­cording to John Kasich, Gover­nor of Ohio and candidate for the president. This is welcome news to hear from a Republi­can candidate, as most of the rest of the field express uncer­tainty on this issue, despite the unanimity of the scientific com­munity. Unfortunately, Mr. Ka­sich doesn’t want to do anything about the issue, he just wants the positive press.

If Mr. Kasich wanted to do something about climate change, we wouldn’t have joined a legal challenge mount­ed against the EPA regarding their ability to regulate car­bon dioxide gas, a major cul­prit in the "greenhouse effect." He wouldn’t have rolled back Ohio’s energy goals and instead of saying he is ‘not going to apol­ogize" for burning coal, the fos­sil fuel most closely associated with climate change, he would stop its consumption.

Mr. Kasich claimed that his state "reduced emissions by 30 percent over the last 10 years." But according to federal data, total carbon emissions in Ohio fell only about half that amount between 2002 and 2012.

You can’t have your cake and eat it too. The American people want a candidate who will ag­gressively pursue renewable energy goals, who will stand up to vested interests in the fossil fuel industry, and who will be straight with his constituency about what his goals are.

If John Kasich wants to por­tray himself as a moderate who cares about environmental is­sues, he needs to take bold ac­tion regarding these issues, said by many to be the greatest challenge now facing our plan­et. We can’t afford business as usual.