Senator disappointed by governor’s budget veto

I would first like to thank my constituents in Senate District 11. I have enjoyed working for you in Concord this session and appreciate the opportunity to serve you.

I am very proud of the many accomplishments from this ses­sion, including passage of our state’s capital budget. The capi­tal budget improves upon the state’s roads and bridges and also provides specific funding for projects such as the Milford District Court.

The Legislature also passed a responsible, balanced bud­get that meets the needs of New Hampshire’s citizens and protects taxpayers by fund­ing social services including Meals on Wheels, develop­mental disability services and many other critical services. In the midst of an opioid crisis, it increased statewide drug and alcohol funding by 75 percent. Education aid to cities and towns increased and the cap on adequate education grants would have been removed. Support for higher education increased, the community col­lege system would be able to freeze tuition for another two years and the University Sys­tem would have received an 8 percent increase.

This budget also included a modest reduction in business taxes for businesses that em­ploy 95 percent of our private sector workforce. New Hamp­shire ranks 48th in business taxes, and will soon have the highest in New England if we do not act now. The budget phased in responsible reduc­tions to the business profits tax and the business enter­prise tax over five years, and paid for them.

Unfortunately the Governor vetoed the budget and the state of New Hampshire is tempo­rarily operating on last year’s budget. For now, the list of ac­complishments in this budget will not happen; I look forward to getting back to work on the budget so we can start moving forward with these important services.


Gary Daniels is the State Senator for District 11 which includes the towns of Amherst, Merrimack, Milford, and Wil­ton. He is also the Chair of the Capital Budget Committee, a member of the Judiciary and Transportation Committee