Senior citizens told to remove garden

To the Editor:

I was born and raised in Mont Vernon, as was my mother. She now lives at Beechbrook Apart­ments on Adams Street in Mil­ford. She, as well as other resi­dents – mostly senior citizens – have enjoyed their "piece of land" in front of their apart­ment by planting perennials and annuals, as well as feeding the birds and hummingbirds. These seniors derive a great joy and satisfaction to see the labor of their work, a labor of love.

On Monday, July 27, 2015, the residents received a notice from the Property Manager of Keene telling them if they want­ed to save any of their plants they must remove them before Wednesday, July 29, as all plants will be dug out, discarded, and shrubs would be put in their place. This very short notice was devastating to the resident gardeners.

I now live 1½ hours away from my mother and work full time. But my mother was so upset to lose all her plants, and have them thrown out, that I took the afternoon off to dig up some of her precious plants to share with her grandchildren. Late in the afternoon, a neighbor resi­dent called to ask my mother if she would like to donate her plants to the new medical cen­ter being constructed on Nash­ua Street in Milford. She was elated.

My mother was thrilled to donate her treasures to such a great cause, and so the end re­sult has turned out a little bet­ter than having them all tossed in the garbage.

However, I am most disap­pointed that these senior citi­zens of Milford will no longer be allowed to enjoy their great passion … gardening.