Mason stands against Northeast Energy Direct

To the Editor:

Daniel Webster famously said: "up in the Mountains of New Hampshire, God Almighty has hung out a sign to show that there He makes men." Blood is spilling for this state and, if the Old Man were still around, he would leap from his craggy watchtower and join the fight in Mason; for women, as well as men: there, he makes warriors.

Most know the legend: 300 against a million. But there are new Spartans in Mason: 1400, and they will laugh at the end.

Mason stands, a united wall, against a line exploding upon its borders. Against all odds this little town stands: with its letters, its bake sales, its re­lentless resolve – literally, against bil­lions: the billions of foreign invaders.

If the Northeast Energy Direct peo­ple win, they will take our property rape our environment, soil our drinking waters, lay waste to our trees, character and quality of life, and – lest we ever try to forget – salt our farm­lands: no jobs, no energy solutions; the pipeline will leave nothing behind on its 71-mile rampage through New Hampshire to Canada but 10 percent of its capacity … If we lose, they will punctuate their triumph by enslaving us with bigger utility bills: 10 percent and higher rates – a bitter bowl of gruel when there are far better alternatives.

There are many other New Hampshire towns in the path of the NED pipe­line, all with hearty souls; but I am glad that Mason stands at the front, de­fending our state, for none fight like Mason.

Come to her aid citi­zens, representatives, businesses, media: We are all New Hampshire.